Realtor and Businessman

We are pleased to submit a review of our experience with Brad Griffin. The experience comes from two sales — our condo residence in Alexandria VA (closed 2011) and my daughter’s condo residence in Washington DC (closed in 2012).

Above all Mr. Griffin is a real estate professional in every sense, but importantly he is also a businessman.

Since Zillow users are likely prepared to make a large investment working with a knowledgeable real estate professional helps remove risk from the client’s purchasing – or sales – decision making. A professional like Brad provides facts from his previous experience and has the ability to listen to client requirements for keeping the time consuming property identification process efficient. He offers personal opinions only when asked so as not to rush a decision as it is his objective to serve as his client’s consultant. Importantly, he is familiar with other factors of importance for reaching a housing decision that may not be obvious or known by the client. He is in short a heads up professional, responsive and good to work with and one with whom a client’s confidence is easily earned.

As a retired senior investment and business operations manager, I appreciated Brad as a capable business person. He brought to our two deals a wealth of knowledge regarding pricing, negotiating strategy, and various options for financing the transaction. He is as close to a first tier investment banker in the property real estate market as they come.

I recommend Zillow users consider and retain Brad Griffin for their real estate matters. We would certainly retain him for our future property acquisition/sale needs.

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